Pension Plan

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Pension plans are also known as retirement plans. By investing in a pension plan, one can build a secure and safe future post-retirement and live an independent life on your savings.
In a pension plan, you can invest a part of your salary for a specific time interval. That invested part will help you in providing an income source after your retirement. If you are earning a good salary and also savings some part of it, even then you must invest in a pension plan. Your savings may get utilized in case of any emergency. So, the pension plan will always be there for your secure future.
So, you must choose the best pension plan according to your needs that will help you in your golden time.

Features of pension plan:

  1. Pension plans come with the minimum guarantee period. It means most of the insurance companies guarantee a minimum of 1 per cent of the total premium over the complete plan tenure.
  2. You can also enjoy tax benefits by investing in a pension plan. You can withdraw 33 per cent of the final amount as a whole and it will not be taxable. Rest of the amount will be taxable.

Always check the terms and conditions of the plan. There are various types of pension plans like deferred annuity, immediate annuity, national pension scheme, life annuity, guaranteed period annuity, etc.
One must understand these plans and choose the best one. Apply now and Dialabank will help you to choose the affordable deal for your better future.

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